Julieta Averbuj (Barcelona, ​​​​1986), works as a curator at imaginCafé, a private cultural space in Barcelona. In her spare time she experiments with photography and film, which have been selected and exhibited at international film festivals, galleries and several publications.


Graduated in 2014 from the University of Cinema of Buenos Aires (FUC), she directed the experimental section of the Lima Film Festival (Peru) and was a jury member of the first edition of Fronteira (International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival of Goiania, Brazil).


Her first photobook El juego de la madalena was published thanks to the editorial support of Fuego Books University of Cádiz (Cuadernos de Kursala) and was presented at Les Reencontres d’Arles 2022.


For any inquiries: / DM: @julietaaverbuj